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Fact Sheet Name/Subject Fact Sheet
What is WE CAN?  
How to Apply for Welfare & Emergency Assistance 1
Responding of A Notice of Intent ... By Requesting a Fair Hearing 2
Mandatory Dispute Resolution (MDR) 2a
Fair Hearings: Your Right to Obtain the Evidence Packet 3
Major Welfare Changes: Some Basic Facts that Families Need to Know 4
Major Welfare Changes: Some Basic Facts for Singles & Childless Couples 5
The 5 Year Time Limit for Families 6
Examples 6a
The 2 Year Time Limit for Singles & Childless Couples 7
Examples 7a
Exemptions from Time Limit for Families 8
Exemptions from Time Limit for Single & Childless Couples 9
Work Hours 10
Recommendations for Dealing with OES or your Job Center 11
Your Health & Safety Rights 12
Exemptions from Work Activities for Families 13
Exemption from Work Activities for Single Adults & Childless Couples 14
Proving Your Entitlement to an Exemption from the Work Requirements 15
Your Child Care Rights 16
What to Do When You Are Unable to Find Appropriate Child Care 17
Child Care Search Log 17a
Looking for Child Care (Referrals in North Brooklyn) 17b
College and Workfare: Getting an Education 18
Sanctions 19
New Work Sanctions for Families 20
The Jiggetts Rent Supplement for Families 21
New Rules for Immigrants 22
Advice for Immigrants: Where to Go For Questions About ... Benefits 22a
EBT Questions Guide 23
EBT: Free ATM Locations 24
Assistance for Welfare Recipients Who Find Work 25
After You Get A Job: Earned Income Disregards 26
Transitional Benefits: Food Stamps 27
Transitional Benefits: Medicaid 28
Transitional Benefits: Child Care 29
Legal Services and Legal Aid Offices 30

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