~ Fact Sheet No.1 ~
How to Apply For Welfare And Emergency Assistance

Are you facing one or more of the following emergencies?

You May Be Eligible for Welfare or Emergency Assistance!
Where to Go:

Call 718-291-1900 to find out which Income Maintenance Center or Job Center you should go to.

What to do:
How to Apply for Welfare and Emergency Assistance

    1. Gather together the following papers if you have them:

    2.Maintenance/Job Center and bring these papers with you (if you have them).

    3. Fill out an application for ongoing and emergency welfare benefits and food stamps.

    4. Tell every welfare worker you communicate with that you have no food and/or money and show them your court papers and/or utility notices, if any.

    5. You must be given an immediate, same day interview. Demand it. If you are not given an immediate interview, ask to speak with a supervisor. If necessary, tell the supervisor you will go to Legal Services or Legal Aid if you are not interviewed that day for emergency assistance.

If you live in North Brooklyn and would like assistance, please call the WE CAN Hotline at Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A: (718) 487-2300 or (800) 696-6778.



You have a right to:

Apply: The center must permit you to complete and turn in an application for emergency and on-going benefits. They must give you a written notice of acceptance or denial of your application.

Expedited Food Stamps: You are entitled to receive expedited food stamps within 5 days of filing an application if you have less than $100 in available cash and less than $150 in income this month or you can document spending higher income on housing and utilities.

Immediate Need Grant (Cash): If you are applying for welfare or have a pending application and you have no money, you should be eligible to receive some money until your application for benefits is accepted or rejected.

Shelter: If you are homeless, you must be referred to the Diversion Team in your center. The Diversion Team will explain what you need to do to get shelter.

Emergency Rent Arrears or Relocation: If your landlord has sent you a dispossess or any notice of a threat of eviction you should be referred immediately to the Homeless Prevention or Diversion Unit at your Income Maintenance/Job Center for a possible rent arrears grant or relocation.

Emergency Utility Arrears Grant: If your household is facing a utility cut-off, the welfare office may pay your arrears for you to avoid a cut-off. The grant will be recouped from your benefits later on.

What to do if your application is denied:

Request A Fair Hearing!

If your application for emergency and/or ongoing assistance is denied without a good reason or if the Center fails to process or make a decision on your application, ask for an expedited fair hearing. (See Fact Sheet No. 2 on Requesting a Fair Hearing.) If you live in North Brooklyn call the WE CAN hotline at 718-487-2300 or 1-800-696-6778 for assistance.

Important Note for Singles & Childless Couples

You are not eligible for emergency assistance benefits if you are single and without children and you are currently being sanctioned for an employment program violation. However, you should apply for welfare at least 45 days prior to the end of your sanction period so you can receive benefits as soon as your sanction period ends.

WE CAN Help!

If you live in North Brooklyn and need additional assistance, please call the WE CAN Hotline at Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A: (718) 487-2300 or (800) 696-6778.


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