~ Fact Sheet No. 21 ~
For Families

        wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) What is JIGGETTS relief?
            Jiggetts relief is state-authorized increased rental payments for families.

wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) Is my family eligible for JIGGETTS relief?
            In order to be eligible for Jiggetts, a family must meet all the following criteria:

Criteria for JIGGETTS Relief

1 The family must be receiving public assistance.

2 The household must contain at least one child under 18 or a child who is 18 and a full-time student in a secondary school, or in vocational or technical training.

3 The family's rent is more than the shelter allowance issued for the family.

4 The rent is reasonable.

5 The family owes rent to their landlord because their rent exceeds the shelter allowance.

6 The family has been sued for nonpayment of rent.

7 The family will not be able to pay the rent arrears unless it receives Jiggetts relief.

wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) How can I obtain JIGGETTS relief for my family?
Legal Aid and Legal Services offices prepare and submit Jiggetts applications for Jiggetts relief on behalf of eligible clients. In addition, certain non-legal advocacy organizations can also prepare and submit applications. If you live in North Brooklyn and you believe you may be eligible to receive Jiggetts relief, call Brooklyn Legal Services Corp. A at 718-487-2300 or 1-800-696-6778.

        wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) Can the City and/or State discontinue my JIGGETTS rent payments at any time?

Yes! If the BEGIN program or Job Center imposes a work sanction on your household, your family's Jiggetts rent supplement will be discontinued. Therefore, in order to assure the continuous receipt of the Jiggetts rent supplement, the head(s) of household must comply with the BEGIN program or Job Center work rules (unless they are exempt or have good cause for non-compliance: see Fact Sheet No.13 on Exemptions from Work Activities).

In addition, there other reasons why the City and State can discontinue or reduce a family's Jiggetts payments. The person who prepares the Jiggetts application for you should review all the possible reasons that Jiggetts can be stopped or discontinued.

        wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) Will my family's food stamps go down if we receive JIGGETTS payments?

Yes! For every $3.00 of rent over and above the shelter allowance that is paid on your behalf, your food stamps will go down about $1.00.

        wb01626_.gif (272 bytes) Can we move to a new apartment and have our JIGGETTS payments issued to a new landlord?

You may not move to a new apartment without first getting approval from the State. The State will not approve a move except in very special circumstances such as a fire or other emergency.

WE CAN Help!

If you live in North Brooklyn and need assistance, call the WE CAN Hotline at Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A: (718)487-2300 or (800) 696-6778.


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