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WNYLC Software

WNYLC Time Software
The Western New York Law Center has developed a unified timekeeping and intake made easy system (TIME) that runs under Windows. In a recent review, it was highest rated in many categories.  You can view an online presentation of the software and download a demonstration version of the  program it directly from our site.

Social Security Assist Software
SSI/SSD practice is "paper intensive" requiring routine letters to clients, ALJs, hospitals, physicians, etc.  Social Security Assist is a document assembly program that will dramatically cut the time it takes to handle SSI/SSD cases by automatically generating the over 95 letters and other documents with the click of a mouse button.   The documents were complied by Ed Lopez Soto of the Greater Upstate Law Project, a nationally recognized expert in SSI/SSD cases.  From our Social Security Assist web page you can:

  • Download a demo version the Social Security Assist Software program that has 7 of the letters to show you how it works;
  • Download/View tutorial files;
  • View an online demonstration describing the uses of our Social Security Assist software.