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State Planning

 Planning Documents

Planning Discussion

State Planning Steering Committee Members

Final Plan Submitted To LSC:  PDF Format   MS Word Format

LSC Resource Library (State Planning Links)

LSC Documents

Program Letter 98-1 (State Planning)

Program Letter 98-6 (State Planning Considerations)

Program Letter 00-7 (State Planning and Performance Measures)

Program Letter 01-4 (State Planning and the Reconfiguration Process)

Program Letter 02-2 (State Planning and the Reconfiguration Process)

Program Letter 02-3 (State Planning Configuration Standards)

Other Documents

State Plans

Planning For Enhanced Outcomes - 1998

The Missing Link In State Justice Communities: 
The Capacity In Each State For State Level Advocacy, Coordination And Support
(CLASP Document)

Attachments To Above

Central Region Plan

Eastern Region Plan

Long Island Plan

NYC Plan

Western Region Plan

LSC Explanation for Rejection of Plans (9/21/01)

Plan of Action Developed November 27-28, 2001

New Jersey State Plan Submitted to LSC on 1/24/2002

Michigan State Planning Documents

California State Justice Plan 2001

A Beginning Conversation on Diversity and State Planning